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Vision of the President

Beyond the Human Predicament...

Human ingenuity is facing unprecedented challenges. It is the victim of its own ascendancy. This predicament is nowhere more pronounced than in the contingency of nuclear winter, ecological degradation, disruptive technologies, economic disparities, and information cartels. The asymmetrical state cannot continue ad infinitum.

Time has come for a knowledge revolution, not merely in terms of volume but for a re-orientation of values: global human values. At this critical juncture in history UMT reiterates its commitment to dissemination of knowledge towards a better human future, globally and equitably. While upholding free inquiry as an imperative, UMT stands to advance knowledge in consonance with human values.

We surmise that value-free knowledge lies at the core of the current human predicament. Join us in this fascination exploration of human potential. Collaborate with us in re-orienting the human future.

Ibrahim Hasan Murad

President, UMT and ILM Trust