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Why shouldn’t you be Great? Even better? Why are you not great? How can you be great? Almost all humans can easily claim to be good, but only a few dream of becoming great, and a very few actually achieve true greatness. Why?

The greatest loss that can happen to a person is the lack of ambition to become great. That is human potential gone unchecked, unharnessed. Then comes the loss of those who become casualty in search of greatness. This is different from failures on the road to become great which turns into only another learning opportunity. Imagine how great a human being can be? How noble and valuable a human being can be? How purposeful and productive? How creative and zestful? How unique and beautiful? How trustworthy and sincere? How crystalline and logical? How passionate and awesome?

University of Management and Technology is here to help you to become great, truly exceptional. The resource persons act first as learners and then let the participants turn into their leaders. There are many good institutions around. Trace the road of the one that can launch you into the orbit of greatness.

The one interested in you developing as a whole, a full person, capable of submerging the macrocosm in the microcosm of the self, and defining excellence and refining attributes to the extent that they mirror the pleasure, love, and blessing of Allah.

Select an institution which is growing to help you reform your attitude, enlighten your mindset, build your knowledge, develop your application, refine your character, and sharpen your practice.You walk in with power of intention. You go out with the portfolio of all that it takes to achieve the success here and the ultimate success hereafter.

Beyond degree, what determines your future is your invaluable treasure of self-image, enriched and enlightened, driven to life-long learning. Your future is your family's future, your nation’s future, your Ummah’s future, and your world’s future. Infinite possibilities and endless vistas at UMT draw your attention to your own selves and demand that you give to yourself what it deserves the most. Greatness. Help us make you Great!

Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad
Rector UMT

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